A comprehensive solution for ecommerce price optimization and monitoring

Set your pricing strategy, monitor your competition, create dynamic pricing rules, analyze and improve. Disivo includes everything you need to confidently manage and supercharge your product pricing.

Manage your pricing strategy

Take complete control of your product portfolio, even with large teams and portfolio size.

In addition, set up MAP policies and sales discounts.

Monitor your competition

Monitor and evaluate competitors’ prices multiple times a day.

Set up custom reports, dashboards, and utilize data for dynamic repricing.

Take action based on market conditions

Set up your dynamic pricing rules tailored to the current market situation.

Leverage factors such as competition, performance, stock/turnover, and even your custom data.

Discover AI‑powered pricing

Utilize Disivo’s proprietary AI-powered price algorithms to search and find the optimal price for your products.

Select the most suitable algorithm that aligns with your specific requirements.


Gain the competitive advantage

In the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce, prices are constantly in flux. Stay informed and maintain a competitive edge.


Monitor any source – Amazon, any price comparison websites (Idealo, Bol, Heureka, …) or even your competitor’s website directly.



Reprice with confidence

Set up and optimize your pricing without using developer time. 
You get a full variability when it comes to pricing with Disivo. But everything falls apart when your product/sales team don’t trust your automated pricing. That’s why Disivo puts a full focus on transparency and context.


Accelerate your learnings

Optimization is about finding what works and what doesn’t. Disivo makes it easy for product managers to figure out, which pricing strategy works for their portfolio and which should be tweaked.

Additionally, you will be assigned a dedicated success manager who will ensure a smooth onboarding process and the ongoing success of your team.

And much more…

Smart analytics

Evaluate which strategies work for you and which ones need adjusting. Monitor your competitor’s positioning – everything is displayed clearly in organized and customizable dashboards.

Limited time offers

Set your prices during your special offers and marketing campaigns.

We will make sure your offers are in compliance with EU Omnibus directive.

Advanced rounding

Utilize advanced rules to precisely tailor the rounding of your prices according to your specific needs.

Intelligent alerts

Our alert system will help ensure that you make accurate pricing decisions, preventing any potential mistakes.

Impact preview

Receive instant information on the impact of price changes when adjusting your strategy.

Approval process

Get absolute control over the repricing outputs. Manage it manually or fully automate the whole process.

Flexible repricing time

Select the optimal time to reprice your products. Export data up to 12 times a day, allowing for enhanced control and timely adjustments.

Customized exports

Effortlessly import simple .csv exports, which can be easily customized to align with the requirements of your ERP system or online store.

Onboarding process

Our dedicated account manager will guide and support your team throughout the onboarding process and beyond.

Implementation made easy

The usual implementation process takes 2 to 3 weeks. Disivo uses inputs that most ecommerce stores already have at their disposal.

1. Integrate
All you need is a product feed and transaction feed to get started. We also support additional data inputs. Data about products, their parameters, sales, and even competitors’ prices. 
2. Configure
Segment your portfolio by manufacturer, category and other parameters. Choose the right pricing strategy for each segment. Use our experts’ help to set up your first strategies.
3. Reprice automatically

Automate the entire repricing process, whether you need to reprice every two hours or a few times a week. Automatic anomaly detection gives you the confidence of correct repricing.

Ready to get started?

Disivo is trusted by more than 100 online stores to optimize their prices and monitor their competition.


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