Pricing, stories, data and optimization. That's who we are.

Optimization is ingrained in our core. The ecommerce industry holds immense potential when it comes to price optimization, and we are on a mission to change the rules of ecommerce pricing.

We dedicate significant time to understanding the underlying challenges and discovering innovative methods to empower product managers to become pricing architects.

We envision a world of optimized pricing that combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technologies. Our well-structured system delivers contextualized information, enabling you to make informed decisions about pricing.

MVP project

We started developing Disivo in September 2018, when we received an angel investment from Dataweps (now a part of Heureka Group).

Onboarding first customers

Disivo was officially launched between late 2018 and early 2019. We started onboarding our first clients and we also were fine-tuning the product to handle millions of products a day.

Seed investment

In March 2020 we received € 400k investment from Nation1 VC. We launched the first automated models and started expanding.

Scaling up

In 2021 we helped our clients with the pandemic impacts. We have simplified the app and made it easier to use. We have clients in 6 countries.

Optimizing in 10 countries already

Disivo has tripled in its size. We're serving customers in 10 countries.

Smarter, faster, profitable

Disivo has reached profitability and introduced fully autonomous pricing engines. We help clients in 15 countries.

Management and Board

Petr Bláha

Co-founder and CEO

Ondřej Žádník

Co-founder and CTO

David Chmelař

Board member, CEO Heureka Group

Martin Rozhoň

Board member, PE

Marek Moravec

Managing Director, N1

Kamil Levinský

Board member, PE


US offices:
44 Tehama St., San Francisco, CA, 94105
+1 831 313 6295

EU offices:
Zlatnická 12, Prague, Czech Republic, 110 00
Smetanova 19, Brno, Czech Republic, 602 00
+420 721 644 508

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