Your new pricing strategy should start making you money, straight away

Automate your pricing, streamline the process and let your business grow.

Disivo Automate

An ideal solution for your price automation

  • For online stores with turnover up to € 500k/year
  • Pricing automation - reprice up to 12 times a day
  • Advanced pricing strategies
  • Detailed product management
  • Management of marketing events
  • Smart alerts
  • Analytics
  • Initial training, knowledge base, basic support
Price: € 1249 monthly

Disivo Optimize

An ideal solution for large online stores with greater demands

  • For online stores with turnover over € 500k/year
  • All the features of Disivo Automate
  • Your own pricing specialist
  • Disivo pricing modely (automatické modely pro testování optimální ceny)
  • The possibility of using your own types of data

Price intelligence

Want to know how the competition is doing? We'll get their prices for you. 
We monitor comparison sites and the e-shops of your choice directly.
Price: from EUR 0,03/product


How does Disivo pay off?
Disivo saves an average of 40 hours per month for each product manager. In the case of optimization, it increases the margin by an average of 8 %.
How do we implement Disivo?
All you need to start with Disivo is your product feed and data from Google Analytics. Working together with your team, we are able to incorporate Disivo into your system within 1-2 weeks.
Will you connect to our ERP/online store?
If you use an ERP/online store system that we have not used yet, we will cover any implementation costs.
How do customers react to dynamic pricing?
Dynamic functions are already a common part of pricing today. After implementing Disivo, none of our clients have encountered a negative reaction from their customers.
When should you start to think about dynamic pricing?
The process of the automation and optimization of pricing should start when your online store has at least thousands of orders and a turnover of approximately EUR 35,000 per month or more.
Does it make sense to use dynamic pricing when I do not have any competition?
Yes, Disivo offers many strategies to improve your pricing which are not reliant on the competition. Find more in Features.

Do you want to know how to improve your pricing strategy?

Get in touch. Describe your current pricing strategy and tell us what you like and dislike about your pricing routine.

We will help you find the best solution and strategy based on your needs. With us, you will get not only a solution but also our know-how.


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