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Cost-plus Based Pricing

Segments where you target the margins
  • Easy option of setting price ranges
  • Set your portfolio segmentation to your requirements
  • Fast adaptation of various strategies
  • Quick and easy setup and maintenance of RRPs (recommended retail prices)
  • Ideal for Product Manager's interventions and manual corrections

Competitor Based Pricing

Competitive segments
  • Competitor's price monitoring and evaluation
  • Strategies focused on increasing margins and market share
  • Minimum margins monitoring
  • Possibility of organizing competitors by a category or their brand

Value Based Pricing

No competition segments
  • Pricing strategy based on stock levels and sales volumes
  • A smart model for selling stock lagers
  • Effective monitoring of turnover, profit, margins, orders and other sales metrics
  • Option of setting different strategies according to the day of the week

Fully automated optimization

Disivo pricing model

A pricing model that automatically looks for the optimal price in order to maximize profit. We created this model to fit the specific needs of e-commerce. The model is based on demand elasticity and Bayesian statistics.

The model tests and evaluates individual price levels,while respecting the price limits set by you. It is ideal for both top segments and entire long-tail categories.

Implementation made easy

The usual implementation process takes 2 to 3 weeks. Disivo uses inputs that most e-shops already have at their disposal.
1. Integrate
All we need to start is your product feed and Google Analytics data. We also support other data inputs: like product data, their parameters, sales, and possibly the competitors' prices. We also support custom data types
2. Configure
Divide your portfolio into segments according to manufacturers, brands, categories, or your own parameters. You can choose the appropriate pricing strategy for each segment. If necessary, you can change your strategy in a few easy clicks.
3. Reprice automatically
Automate the whole process of pricing, whether you need to change prices every two hours or a few times a week. Modify the layout of the export to suit your needs. Automatic detection of anomalies will provide you with the certainty of correct repricing.

Save more than 40 hours a month

Manual repricing is inefficient and prone to human error. Product managers can, on average, optimally manage only 1-5 % of their product portfolio. Thanks to an overview of pricing and overall automation, you save more than 40 hours per product manager per month, and you can be sure that every product is taken care of. save more than 40 hours per month for every product manager, and you can be sure that every product is taken care of.

Insightful repricing

Transparency and clarity are essential in pricing. Product managers need to be surethat they are making the right decisions. That is how you know what and why is happening with your products at all times. Everything is transparent in an organized and user-friendly environment. Without the help of your IT department, you can create, set up, and edit all segments and strategies.

Combine standard pre-set strategies with your own

In Disivo, you will find typical segments, a set of price settings, conditions, and strategy templates. However, you can also import any number and type of your data into Disivo, which enables you to build your own segments and strategies.

Additional price management tools

Manage all pricing in one place, with additional tools tailored to your e-commerce pricing needs.


Strategy evaluation

Evaluate which strategies work for you and which ones need adjusting. Monitor your competitor's positioning – everything is displayed clearly in organized and customizable dashboards.

Special price and limited time offers

Fix your prices during your special offers and marketing campaigns.


Thanks to the advanced settings of rounding, you can follow your e-shop’s strategy as regards your final prices.

Opportunities in context

Data in context allows you to better manage and optimize pricing and improve the relationship with your suppliers. 

Results overview

When you change your strategy, you have immediate information about its impact on your prices. 

Approval process

With manual approval, you get absolute control over the repricing outputs. You can also fully automate the whole process.

Choose your repricing time

Choose the ideal time to reprice your products, a time that suits your needs and processes – export data up to 24 times a day.

Your own reports

Import simple .csv exports, which you can freely modify according to the needs of your ERP/online store.

Sophisticated onboarding process

We will make sure that you and your product managers are confident in using Disivo. Along with the solution, you will also get a dedicated account manager who will be happy to assist you. 

Do you want to know how to improve your pricing strategy?

Get in touch. Describe your current pricing strategy and tell us what you like and dislike about your pricing routine.

We will help you find the best solution and strategy based on your needs. With us, you will get not only a solution but also our know-how.

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