About us

Optimization is deeply rooted in our DNA. You can clearly see it in our mission. We create products that optimize the price, margin, or even the scope of the work done by product managers. This is reflected in the style of our work and in the way we think about new features.

We imagine a world of optimized pricing, which unites commodity expertise and modern technologies. A well-arranged system that provides all information in context and helps you make the right decisions regarding your price is the result.

Disivo project starts

We started developing Disivo in September 2018, when we received an angel investment from Dataweps.

Onboarding first customers

Disivo was officially launched between late 2018 and early 2019. We started onboarding our first clients and we also were fine-tuning the product to handle millions of products a day.

Seed investment

In March 2020 we received an investment from Martin Rozhon's and Kamil Levinsky's Nation1 fund. We launched the first automated models and started expanding.

Scaling up

In 2021 we helped our clients with the pandemic impacts. We have simplified the app and made it easier to use. We have clients in 6 countries.

Optimizing in 10 countries already

Whether it's various conferences, Forbes or hundreds of client meetings, pricing is becoming more and more talked about. We already carry this theme in 10 countries.

Management and Board

Petr Blaha

Founder and CEO. Ex-Webnode, 6 years of experience with conversion rate optimization and data products.

Ondrej Zadnik

CTO, ex-CTO at Hlidacky.cz, Fragments Network and Queens.

Honza Mayer

V4 market advisor. Honza's know-how from many years in e-commerce and his experience as CEO of Dataweps provides us with help and valuable advice.

Martin Rozhon

Product and business advisor. Vivantis founder, board member of Czech association for e-commerce.

Petra W. Končelíková

Investment advisor. Partner in Nation1, co-founder and leader in startup accelerator Node5.

Kamil Levinsky

Sales and process advisor. Ex-CEO of Czech Radiocommunications. His experience covers business transformation, processes, and strategic sales.

Do you want to know how to improve your pricing strategy?

Get in touch. Describe your current pricing strategy and tell us what you like and dislike about your pricing routine.

We will help you find the best solution and strategy based on your needs. With us, you will get not only a solution but also our know-how.


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