Pilulka Group - Faster expansion and IPO thanks to strategic pricing

Case study summary



Client since 

Client's goal
Margin increase, improved competitiveness

Provided services
Introduction of dynamic pricing processes, minimum margin compliance, monitoring and analysis of competition, revaluation of non-competitive goods

Increased margin, faster go-to market in other countries


Pilulka needed to transform itself from the position of a cheap online store into a confident brand with healthy margins. Margin was key for Pillulka given its planned IPO and also for expansion into other countries.


Changing the way product managers think about pricing is always a challenge. That's why Pilulka chose Disivo. They were able to quickly set up pricing to be transparent and clear to product managers. Pricing got easier to manage strategically, which helped to achieve margin goals.


Today, Pilulka Group uses Disivo in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.


The project is led by
Klotylda Szlauerová | project manager

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