Include more products in sales promos
without compromising margin

Disivo Smart Promo offers you a way, how to automatically display more deals and not lose any margin, while being 100% compliant with EU “Omnibus” directive.

Every customer loves to shop deals and promos.

Online shoppers love sales discounts. And if done correctly, it can bring a huge benefits to the online store:

  • 57% of surveyed shoppers said that they wouldn’t make a purchase if the had not received a discount.
  • Consumers’ perceived usefulness of online coupons helps promote more sales and weaken the relationship between negative reviews and sales.

EU “Omnibus” directive requires you to display sales promo labels only when the product’s current price is lower than the lowest price in the last 30 days. You also have to include information about the lowest price in the last 30 days. 

Disivo Smart Promo 

3x more promoted products

Depending on your repricing activity, Disivo Smart Promo finds up to 3x more products, which can have a sales promo label.

0% margin reduction

Your price reduction is driven by other factors. Disivo Smart Promo is just adding a huge benefit to that price reduction.

Improved clearance rate

Promos help to increase the velocity of clearance, which improves cashflow and reduced dead stock. 


How does it work

Disivo Smart Promo scans every repricing to understand, which repricing means that you can include the product in the promo and which repricing means that you have to take it out of the promo. Everything is done automatically.
1. Integrate
Disivo Smart Promo is just one click away and very easy to implement on your part.
2.  See more promos
When any product price is lower than a lowest price in 30 days, Disivo sends an automated signal that adds a promo label.
3. Stay EU “Omnibus” compliant

Each promo signal includes all necessary information – your new price, lowest price in 30 days and validity of the promo.

Ready to get started?

Disivo is trusted by more than 100 online stores to optimize their prices and monitor their competition.


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